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September 27, 2020

Bonus Ep #3 - Deep Pacific’s Values

The Deep Pacific team—Kalani, Ha’åni, Thomås— share what the podcast means to them

[BONUS EP#3] About Deep Pacific’s values and what does Deep Pacific mean to the team behind it?

Kalani discusses the values behind Deep Pacific podcast which also goes into the podcast’s mission statement. This is followed by the Deep Pacific Admin Council going into detail to answer the question “What does Deep Pacific mean to me?”

On it, you will hear from

  • Kalåni (“executive producer”)

  • Ha’åni (associate producer)

  • Thomås (associate producer)

Mission statement:

  • To reinforce the connection that Pasifika people share throughout Oceania and surrounding areas by sharing their stories and experiences

  • To raise awareness for cultural, political, and socioeconomic issues that need to be addressed by engaging in dialogue with people familiar with those places (indigenous people preferably, diaspora are ok)

  • To increase representation of regular Pacific Islander voices by providing safe and uplifting spaces and platforms to engage

  • To normalize scientific discussion in our communities using critical analysis and thought while acknowledging biases that may exist

The values are as follows:

  1. Showcasing authentic representation
  2. Qualifying ourselves
  3. Speaking with integrity
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Valuing indigeneity and re-indigenization
  6. Being self-aware
  7. Speaking with humility and sensitivity
  8. Timeliness
  9. Sustainability for the environment and the podcast
  10. Cultivating interdependance among Pacific people
  11. Reciprocity in advocacy and support
  12. Solidarity with BIPOC
  13. Respect for self, for our culture, and other indigenous cultures (and none for Gretchen Wieners bye)

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