Deep Pacific Podcast
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December 13, 2020

S1E10 - What do Pacific Islanders think about religion?

Six Indigenous Pacific Islanders—To’a, Teatuahere, RT, Temiti, Symone, and Kawena—share experiences with organized religion in the Pacific

[EP#10: DECOLONIZATION SERIES #4] What do Pacific Islanders think about religion in the Pacific?

Six Indigenous Pacific Islanders share personal thoughts on organized religion and how to decolonize—if they think it can be done at all. Kalani then goes into a summary on a paper about media coverage and the framing of the Pacific in the media with regards to climate change.

You will hear from:

  • To’a, our Fijian poet, iTaukei brother, and man of God
  • Tēatuahere, our favorite diasporic Tahitian Ma’ohi poet
  • RT, our God-loving che’lu ginen Guahan with roots in Chuuk
  • Temiti, our Samoan Tahitian Ma’ohi educator with roots in France
  • Symone, our Guahan Chamorrita neni girl reconnecting with her Indigeneity
  • Kawena, our favorite angry angry Hawaiian Nationalist and Kānaka Māoli


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